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Lydie Greco
Graphic design, Illustration & Live drawing

Alice in Wonderland

Conception, build and painting of a 2m x 2m50 peep board for a private 30th birthday party.

9 days of intense work summed up under 2 minutes! 2 days of actually imagining the illustration, 2 day to buy materials, build and prepare the frame, 3 days of painting, 2 days of varnishing, cutting the heads, putting the final touches and wrapping up the whole thing for shipping in France :)

A massive thank you to Marie Storup who helped me plan and build the frames, Filou (Olivier Laurent) who taught me to become a master at sawing heads off, Manue for driving me to buy the wood, Albane for singing with me all night long - and most importantly Les Ateliers du Cric, a great workshop in Strasbourg where I was able to get the space and help to create such a big project.

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