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Lydie Greco
Graphic design, Illustration & Live drawing

La Social Cabine

The Social Cabine is a machine to create playful, personal and always kind interactions between strangers. People can enter on either side of the booth, and decide to either create or receive a little present (the Souvenir), determined by a spinning wheel. (Not always accurate) Fortunes, (Badly-drawn) Portraits, Therapy, or just Wild card, every game is intended to create a unique, personal and funny dialogue between participants.

The intention is to create a memory for someone you don’t know, without being able to see them, and therefore recreate social connections with people you wouldn’t have naturally discovered - or an invitation to rediscover people you already know under a new light.

It currently lives in Strasbourg, France, at Le Social Bar, 69 rue du Faubourg de Pierre. Created, designed and hand-painted by me, built by the wonderful team at le Social Bar.
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