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Lydie Greco
Graphic design, Illustration & Live drawing

The Magic Depictor | 2014

The Magic Depictor is an illustration photobooth created by Lydie Greco.
To find out more pictures and to rent it for your event, go to or email me.

The idea is that it works just like a photobooth, but instead of having your photograph taken, you get a handdrawn portrait. How it works is there is an illustrator hidden in one of the booths, able see the sitter through a one way mirror. The illustrator draws the portrait in a few minutes, then slides it in the receptacle outside, just like in a real photobooth. Magic! You get an instant portrait!

I want to dedicate this project to Annica Lydenberg who gave me the love of hand-lettering, to Bren O’Callaghan for creating this amazing experience and allowing me to put my own twist on it, and to Ross for bringing me to magic. I also want to thank everyone who helped me building it: Raphaële Duval-Hafner, Heather Falconer, Hannah Turner, Enrique Galvan-Alvarez, and of course all the people at Hackney Downs Studios who organised the Open Studios night in London, where the first booth was staged. I love you all!

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